Astrology for Soul Exploration

Astrology for Soul Exploration

9 week online course

Hosted by: Lacey Boles and Joy Johnson

February 1, 2021- May 24, 2021


🌠 Are you a Soul Seeker?

🌠 Do you enjoy the thrill of unraveling a mystery?

🌠 Have you ever suspected there is a divine plan for your life waiting for you to discover it?

🌠 Do you crave a safe and supportive community to learn, evolve, and grow with?

   Welcome to the wonderful world of Astrology! In this class we will be diving deep into the diverse yet satisfying study of human consciousness and it's infinite patterns of evolution. The purpose of this course is to create a safe container to explore the wisdom and purpose of our souls by studying the components that comprise our own astrological birthcharts.

   Our astrological birthcharts are a treasure map, revealing the gifts, challenges, and lessons we came here to explore. But the map is not the territory, WE are the territory! The map is here to help us navigate the mysterious forces within us and in our lives. Each planet in our charts sits in a particular sign and in a particular house. We will present information about all three aspects for you to contemplate and receive your own insights into the deeper threads running through your life. We will also touch on ways to work with the movement of the planets through the years for further personal growth and achieving your dreams.

Included in this class:

🌒 9 Virtual interactions via Zoom

Every other Monday 4:30-6 pm (central time)

🌒 Live class recordings available

🌒 Facebook group forum

🌒 Printable reference materials

🌒 Positive, Upbeat, Fun infused atmosphere!

🌒 Inspired activities, practices, and exercises focused on self exploration.

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New Earth Energy Activations Retreat

As we take our first steps into the dawning of a new age we are invited to shed the final layers of the “past” and step fully into our divine perfection. 

Remembering & knowing our sovereign power as creators in the quantum YOUniverse.

It’s all new again (but is it?)

Meet yourself as love again, from the other side of the ill-usion. 

You are everything you’ve been seeking.

You are the dance of intelligence between light and dark.

You are the bridge of alchemy illuminating the gateway to the garden of love.


We are the architects of light & love, 

Creating with divine precision

From the depths of our cosmic souls

To the expanse of the galactic frontier. 

Immerse yourself in the luxurious & loving embrace of Mother Gaia as you take your first breaths of true belonging. We'll infuse our souls with the light of love as we celebrate in wonderment & awe. 

We’ll connect, we’ll explore, we’ll move, we’ll create. 

We’ll exist as love and it will be pure magic. 

Guided by: 

Alicia Newman, Inner Space Co-Owner & Intuitive Life Coach 

Lacey Boles, Shamanic Practitioner & Owner of Changing Woman Retreats 

Saturday, February 6



Only 6 spots available

Special Instructions: 

Dress comfortably, bring a journal & water bottle

Nourishing snacks provided 

Click the link to register:

It Starts With You

Feb 13, 2021 - Mar 6, 2021

You're invited to this 4 part series to excavate and bring to life the parts of you that are ready to flourish. And it starts with YOU! This series is for you if you are ready to stop allowing external forces to build the blueprint of your life. Through exploring new perspectives, challenging how we “see” and shaping the unique possibilities of our truth we will embrace our imperfections and become fearless to our dreams!

Expect the unexpected. Seek and you will find. Leap and the net will appear! A highly interactive, powerfully fun opportunity to embrace You as the architect of your life and thrive. “What if I fall?” Oh but my darling, What if you fly?”

Week 1 - Desires with Courtney Cedeño

-Dive into what lights up your heart

-Work through past issues, narratives, judgments, fear and doubt

-Explore of the differences of masculine and feminine and how they work within you

-Permission, clarity and confidence to live a desire led life

Week 2 - Empowerment with Lacey Boles

-Grounding and Centering

-Experiencing connection as your Higher Self

-Consciously shifting from survival mode into abundance

-Techniques to create and maintain healthy boundaries

Week 3 - Self Love with Macey Minor

-How to embrace unconditional love

-Implementing compassionate detachment

-Acknowledging the power of self-forgiveness

-Loving others from a place of wholeness

Week 4 - Becoming with Kelly Boon

-Gain your wings to freely express yourself

-Embrace the love, beauty and joy of flying into your “authentic self.”

-Rememebering play and the importance of it in becoming your fullest expression

-Become the sacred child of your destiny

“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.”

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly . . . you cease to be able to do it.”

This class is limited to 8 participants.

Please bring a journal and anything else you feel called to support you!

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