Passageways of the Heart Workshop 

9:30 - 11:30 am  $160

  Passageways of the heart is a four week course designed to introduce you to your Authentic Self. Each week will be filled with deep reflections, fun activities, and lots of safe space to honor your soul's wisdom. If you are exploring your capicity for self love, self care, or simply curious about a greater alignment with your purpose, then this is the class for you! - hosted by: Lacey Boles and April Wyett

 Week 1: September 14th

Softening into Love

Unraveling quantum entanglement of the mind

Week 2: September 21st 

Reclaiming and Reframing the past

Inner Child work

Week 3: September 28th 

Power of Perception

Coloring our world

Week 4: October 5th

Sacred Dreams Journey

Creating your Medicine Shield

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For more information or to register, email Lacey Boles at [email protected]