Ignite your Power 

Ignite Your Power is a four day intensive experiencial class that will meet over the course of 7 weeks, ending with a fire ceremony celebration. At each event you will be invited to gather in circle with your fellow sisters building community.

March 21st, 1-2:30 pm:

In this first gathering we will be discussing: boundaries, shifting out of survival mode, and softening into our divine being.

April 4th, 1-2:30:

For our second encounter we will focus on creating sanctuary by exploring: personal reflections, uncovering our support systems, identifying false beliefs, and interactive heart expanding exercises designed to activate transparency and vulnerability.

April 18th, 1-2:30:

In this third installment we will begin to settle into our emerging self with: breakthrough breathwork, creating soul based art, access deeper wisdom, renew our purpose, unmask our fear, and live our truth.

May 2nd, 1-2:30:

It's time to celebrate your rite of passage as a Sisterhood!!! Initiate, you are now ready to practice and embody your personal power. It is safe to be seen, heard, witnessed, accepted, and celebrated in your totality!

*The Fire Ceremony will be hosted outdoors at a location to be announced.

Hosted by Lacey Boles and April Wyett

Click the link to register for this event!


Coming Home Reatreat

The ultimate in comfort and relaxtion is here! Can you picture yourself feeling cozy, nestled in a safe c​ommunity, gathered around a mesmerising fire, under the stars? How about a luxurious stroll through the woods for some forest bathing? Better yet, how does a weekend retreat tucked away in a beautiful cabin with some gal pals sound? Ahhhh-Mazing, Right?!

Your divine appointment awaits!

Extending a soft i​nvitation to join us for a fully accomodated journey Home to Yourself. Let's remember our way home together while exploring:

* The power of our breath accompanied with gentle movement to release stress​ from our mind and body

* The grounding magestic beauty of being fully absorbed in nature

* A purifying sweatlodge style foot soak punctuated with detoxifying herbs

* Accessing the wisdom of our intuition and honoring our creative expression through soul collage

* Connecting as a collective to our ancestors via meditation for strength, guidance, and healing....

.....AND so much more!!!

Space is limited so get registered today!!!

Hosted at Jester Park Cabins

May 8th - May 10th 2020

♡ Full immersion: $375

* includes all accommodations from Friday evening to Sunday morning

♡ Full immersion early registration discount: $295

* promotion expires March 31st, 2020

♡ Partial immersion: $225

* includes accomodations for all day Saturday participation only

* excludes overnight reservations

Cash, check, and credit cards accepted

To register contact Lacey Boles (515) 779-5711

Email: [email protected] 

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