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2018 Events Calendar

*All events are hosted at Healing Arts 8435 Suite 8 University Blvd Clive IA 50324 unless otherwise noted. For more information or to register, email Lacey Boles at [email protected]

March 18th


 Awakening the Goddess: Persephone       1-3 pm

Embarking on the Heroine's journey. Witnessing the descent and rise from the underworld. We are making crowns to embody our inner authority .  

$ 55

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March 24th


Beginner Shaman Class   3-6 pm

In this class we will cover the basics of shamanism including: Creating safe space for your shamanic practices with the help of compassionate helping spirits. Journey to meet your power animal and explore the lower, middle, and upper world, 


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April 15th


Awakening the Goddess:

Sarasvata     1-3 pm

Speak your truth with balance  and grace.


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May 5th


True Colors Chakra Retreat   10-4

An informative and hands on class exploring each of the chakra energy centers in the body. Meditation, collage, energy work, and discussion


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May 20th


Awakening the Goddess Gaia 

Day Retreat:  12-4

Celebrating Mother Earth and her bounty. Reconnecting and healing through ceremony, laughter, and dance. Multiple craft options including: making smudge bundles, fairy wings, and tinctures. Lunch will be provided.


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