Look carefully around you and recognize the luminosity of souls.   ~ Rumi

About the Practioner, Lacey Boles


Hello, and thank you for inquiring about me and my services. I hope I can provide you with spiritual tools for self empowerment and wholeness by sharing my personal medicine through healing rites, holding sacred space, and connecting to spirit. Each of my experiences with spirt has inspired me to learn, (and in some cases unlearn), who I am as spirit embodied here and now on this earth plane. Honoring myself as sacred has opened the door to honoring all life as One, revealing every thread of connection as a relationship worthy of my time and attention. ~ All is self, all roads lead to self.  

Story Part 2

My journey began in mental health services, then expanded into a full time massage practice, and now has transformed into offering spiritual healing as medicine for self, through one on one and community interaction. As we each take our place in the sacred circe of life, we can remember our power as a creator. Embracing and releasing fear, guilt, shame, grief, betrayal, abandonment, low self worth, denial, etc is a gateway to your birthright of joy, freedom, prosperity, expansion, love, harmony, health, happiness, and overall fufillment. Claiming and owning your power by experiencing the truth via direct revelation invites you to resume your role and function as the sacred witness. Without your energy or active participation, your reality would not exist.  

In closing

Thank you for listening. I look forward to connecting with you and hearing your story. It is an honor and a privilege to witness you and your radiant Divine light. May you walk with your heart vision, and cultivate the courage to stand undivided in your sacred power.

Holding you close in Spirit,

Lacey Boles

Inner space

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